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Holladay, Utah, United States
My name is David Kerr. I am a 25 year old aspiring graphic designer. Aside from a few basic classes in high school, I have taught myself everything about photoshop and illustrator. Most of my inspiration comes from friends in the business as well as a couple artist websites. I love designing things and being creative. I have done a few free lance jobs on the side to keep the creative flow going. I look forward to chance of working with a unique company that will take a chance on my raw talent. Aside from designing, I love spending time with my wife Megan and my friends and family, I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball, and I love seeing movies and listening to some good tunes. Please contact me for any graphic needs at I would love and appreciate the experience and opportunity to help you with your design needs.


I thought I would share some design websites that really helped me to get into design as well as inspire me to try new things. They have really taught me alot and helped enrich my work. Check them out when you get a free chance.

Brig Atwood -

Brig is a dear friend and was the person who originally got me into design. I love his simple and rich designs.

Todd Anderson -

A good friend and one of the most artistic person I have ever come across.

ISO50 -


My absolute favorite artist bar none. The color, texture, and intricate simplicity are what I wish every piece I make could look like.

Depthcore -

My favorite website to visit to get new ideas. All the work is contributed by different artists so you get to see many different styles. This site has really helped me to learn to branch out, try different things, and really expand my design horizons.

Photography, Experienced
Photo Editing, Experienced
Photoshop, Very Experienced
Illustrator, Experienced
Adobe Design Suite, Little Experience
Microsoft Word and Excel, Moderate Experience

Work primarily on Mac but I work well with PC as well.

"OMG. He is a natural! You know, in my public affairs positions, I worked with professional graphics/artist folks for years in developing displays, brochures, etc., and I must say, David's stuff is AWESOME. He really should develop his talent. . . If he does this stuff just for fun, think how great he could do with a little training and a paying position! I am pretty impressed. He's very talented! As someone who always wanted to go to art school, I think he should give it a try." - Lynn Holt, Technical Writer for Bureau of Reclamations